A New Documentary film by

Joanna Ashworth

 About the film

Set in the context of the Paris climate change agreements, the documentary tells the stories of climate change leaders from Canada’s West Coast working in renewable energy, city government, energy conservation, community engagement, sustainable food, finance and indigenous land stewardship.

“My film shines a spotlight on women who are taking meaningful action on climate change. It’s exciting to see what can be accomplished when the women’s collaborative leadership is directed toward solving the climate crisis.”

- Joanna Ashworth  Producer/Director

“We’re thrilled to be presenting the first public screening as the kick-off event for our Centre for Civic Governance Forum. We know the locally-elected councilors and mayors attending our forum are often on the front lines of climate action and will be very interested to see the women-led initiatives in the film.”
— Charley Beresford, Executive Director of Columbia Institute.