Student Energy, Meredith Adler, Director                                                                 

Student Energy is a global not-for-profit dedicated to creating the next generation of leaders who will transition the world to a sustainable energy future. Student Energy encourages youth engagement with energy: in the industry, in global forums, and in their communities. Students should have a voice wherever their future is being determined.


Joy of Feeding, Meeru Dhalwala Founder

Joy of Feeding is a unique inter-generational, international food festival and fundraiser for the UBC Farm – where we celebrate home-cooked dishes from around the world. Joy of Feeding is a roaming feast where you can sample from 13 cooks from 13 countries in the fields of the UBC Farm. Chefs from Vij’s, Cacao, the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts and UBC Food Services have brought together home cooks of different cultural backgrounds. 


Youth For Action: Metro Vancouver

In June a forum on climate change identified ideas for climate strategies including: More electric cars, sustainable farming, and community-owned power. On June 2, Metro Vancouver invited youth aged 14 to 35 to share their ideas on the region’s Climate 2050 Strategic Plan. Consultation process with youth “…have to be included in developing the strategy because they will be the ones to deal with the impacts in the future.”                                                     


Young Agrarians, Sara Dent, Program Director

Young Agrarians (YA) is a network for new and young ecological and organic farmers. Since we started January 2012, the network has grown across Canada from coast to coast through farmers organizing events (mixers, farm tours & potlucks, apprentice meet-ups, etc.), contributing to the blog, adding resources to the UMAP, and more!                            


One Earth, Rosemary Cooper 

One Earth is a non-profit ‘think and do’ tank based in Vancouver, Canada. Our mission is to transform production and consumption patterns locally, nationally and internationally to be sustainable, healthy, and just within the limits of living systems. One Earth connects the dots between who we are, what we buy, where we live, what we make, what we trade, and how we live together to create positive impact. 


Climate Guides, Caroline Merner, Co-Director

Climate Guides is a mentorship program that envisions youth as climate leaders. Since launching in early 2018, our young non-profit organization has set out to support youth climate action. Our goal is to equip our current and next generation with professional development, mentorship, financial support, and climate-conscious community.  


The Starfish Canada

The Starfish Canada is a volunteer run organization working together to celebrate and amplify the Canadian youth conservation movement


Ocean Wise/Ocean Bridge

The 2018 cohort is made up of 40 youth from 18 to 30 years of age across Canada. Ocean Bridge youth are empowered to make a difference towards ocean conservation


Suzuki Elders, in association with the David Suzuki Foundation, Erlene Woollard, Elder

Working from an elder perspective, Suzuki Elders provide environmental education and community engagement opportunities for elders, youth and the general public.


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